“Simplicity, elegance, and craftsmanship are most valued in furniture design.”

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Fernando Povo, a son of artists with a great sensitivity and talent for drawing and an innate elegance to design new spaces, carved a stronghold in the world of decoration in Barcelona in the middle of the last century, earning a good reputation among the intellectual and business elite of the city. His daughter Gemma currently runs the store founded by her father in 1953: the space gathers the traditional design line of Fernando Povo and the current collection of Gemma Povo, in addition to a special collection formed by unique pieces from the fusion and recycling of old elements

How has Povo evolved since its creation 60 years ago now?

Since my father founded the company in 1953, our design line has evolved towards sobriety and simplicity. In the 50s for example, according to the fashion of the time, wrought iron had a finish in gold patina that was eliminated to enhance the forging work, letting the iron breathe. The shapes became simpler, more elegant, more harmonious.
In these years, we have moved from selling to private customers to interior designers and architects. Our designs are being sold in the U.S for 21 years.


In these years, we have moved from selling to private customers to interior designers and architects. Our designs are being sold in the U.S for 21 years.

What range of products do you offer at Povo?

A totally artisanal production, with iron as the main protagonist. We are probably best known for our lighting designs, for which we attach great importance to the manufacture of our shades. They are made of parchment, paper, silk, or cotton, and sewn with hemp fiber or linen, and they are the perfect addition to our own lamps and lamps from other sources that customers bring us: we recover lamps from oblivion by retrofitting them and giving them a new life.

Our furniture and accessories line includes on demand, custom designs of dining and coffee tables, as well as bed heads, shelves, chairs, etc., meeting the requirements from our customers to customize their furniture.

What makes Povo different from other decoration and antique shops?

Antiques were an important part in our beginnings: my father was also an interior designer and he introduced antiques in his business. To him, they were both artwork and the ideal complement to the type of interior design that was fashionable in those years. But what truly sets us apart from other interior design stores is the personality of our designs and their timelessness.

In December, our business will turn 60 years old! We have been producing designs since then, a clear demonstration that we just go beyond fashions, and that we have managed to hold against all odds, faithful to our concept and philosophy.

To do so, we have always worked with a team of factory craftsmen from different places in Catalonia, with high professional standards currently hard to find.


After three generations, designs of the 60s coexist in the store in perfect harmony with the latest creations, and each one has its own audience. What distinguishes us is the unmistakable POVO seal

What are your plans?

Our plans are to continue creating our designs with the elegance and simplicity that characterizes us and that our customers value so much, which makes them suitable both for a second home, in a mountain or beach environment, and for an urban, even avant-garde decoration.


Recently, following a proposal from my daughter Gala who represents the third Povo generation, we have streamlined our activity by starting a new collaboration with local textile and accessories designers.


This new business concept receives great acceptance among our customers and is positively boosting our business.

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