The altarpiece fragment


The fragment of the altarpiece spent years, possibly centuries, forgotten and covered in dust.

Passing from one pile to the next, together with other fragments of who knows what. Maybe it shared a space with beams from a demolition or lived among scrap iron and tin from past glories.

The poor fragment remembers when it was part of a whole.

  • It remembers the admiration of those who observed it.
  • It remembers the love received from the artist who made it.
  • It remembers the pride of its former owner when showing it off to others or observing it on his own.
Some misunderstanding among men led to the destruction, burning, or simple abandonment of most altarpieces.

This fragment had the good -or bad- luck of being one of the survivors, hidden away by caring hands.

But this altarpiece fragment has now been brought back into the light.

Someone has once again looked on it with eyes that have not seen it in so long.

Those light eyes, full of tenderness, observe the fragment and contemplate how to give it back its lost quality.

The fragment, as such, knows that its value boils down to little more than that of a witness. A witness to the need of humans to occasionally replace old symbols with new ones.

Today the fragment is again being treated as part of a whole, but now, unlike before, it plays the leading role.

The wood and the iron that surround it are simpler but made with the same care and love that the fragment itself received centuries ago. The respect they exude make the fragment feel comfortable and even proud.

And so, there you are … the fragment today is more alive than ever.

Mar Esplà Povo

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