“We design beauty since 1953” by Mar Esplà Povo


He and Carmen form one of those couples who do

A brilliant and prosperous tandem that in addition to
having three daughters, he founded in 1953 a store in the most
old town in Barcelona, on Calle Banys Nous, next to the
wall of Roman, at the heart of the Barcelona Gothic area.
In the store they sell antiques and designs by Fernando,
at first furniture designed for customers and soon
new products responding to the demand of the
Barcelona bourgeoisie.

It is then that the Povo created
a team of craftsmen: carpenters, ironworkers, glassmakers,
policromistes, pantallistes, technicians … team that will make
reality what Fernando Povo will dream and draw,
with the excellence that he demands already in those moments
the Povo brand.


Mar Esplà Povo.
Arquitect an interior designer

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